• How do I see the tech hub proposed for Auguston?
  • A beachhead for Chinese state capitalism
  • It is a form of gentrification that privileges a vision of the future that sees technology and capitalism as the foundation for progress
  • However, technology in the hands of capitalism has become a destructive force of authoritarianism that has been proven to dehumanize people
  • Value is being extracted by corporations to such an extent that the fiction of value has eclipsed the value of the humans that they are impersonating
  • Humans become subservient to capital in an arms race for capturing and extracting value from the earth and from living things
  • Governments are public relations representatives for resource extraction corporations
  • Auguston has now hired a public relations company to get the public ready for the inevitable changes that are coming with the goal of discovering the best way to extract value from the land purchased from the Crown, stolen from indigenous people through a system designed for genocide
  • Social architecture: combining biology and physics into the infrastructure that thoughtfully integrates into the living systems that humans are a part of
  • Design is evolving from physical artifacts to living systems

The People Who Are Deciding Our Future

When development corporations, media and public relations companies, and governments are the only “stakeholders” who tend to have much of a say in the design process of a community, is there much of a question about why we are in the environmental crisis that we are in?

What are the incentives to really change the way we live on the earth?

Stewards of Our Environment

To be responsible stewards of the fragile ecology on which our lives depends means that we should not merely abdicate our authority to institutions who are designed primarily for self-preservation and are not, in a capitalist system, incentivized to do anything but ensure continuous growth and profits for investors.

It becomes the responsibility of the citizens to hold institutions accountable by withholding labour, taxes, and permission to continue degrading our environment.