The Abbotsford News featured an article about plans to increase the density of developments on Sumas Mountain on property owned by Auguston Town Developments in Abbotsford.

The vision is out of science fiction: massive towers connected by elevated walkways several stories above the ground; futuristic recreation centres; a farmers’ market that resembles Beijing’s National Stadium.

The idea is that 40,000 people would live in the self-contained city. The purported location? Auguston. Yes, Abbotsford’s Auguston.

A Hong Kong-based architectural firm constructed the vision for “We Town” – which they describe as “a sustainable city for 40,000 residents” – for Auguston Town Developments. A YouTube video and accompanying drawings show more than 12 highrises in a development that, the concept suggests, would be located adjacent to Auguston, Ledgeview Golf Club and McKee Road.